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About The North Coast

North Coast is one of the most diverse tourist poles in the country. Many visionary boutique resort brands have envisioned the great potential of this area and have invested millions of dollars in their vision and development of the zone. Brands like AMANERA, ANI PRIVATE RESORTS, and PLAYA GRANDE GOLF COURSE are now part of the North Coast Luxury community. All these investors have believed in this piece of paradise because of the tranquility and freedom it offers.

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Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata has some of the best beaches in the country such as Sosúa, Playa Dorada, Maimón, Cafemba, Playa Grande (de Luperón), Cabarete, Long Beach, Longbichito. In some, such as Playa Dorada, Cofresí, Long Beach or Cabarete, various types of sports are practiced, such as jet ski racing, surfing, windsurfing, kite or sailing.


In addition to beaches and water sports, in Puerto Plata you can practice hiking, cycling, adventure tourism or visit reserves and natural parks such as Montaña Isabel de Torres, Laguna de Cabarete or Los Caños de Estero Hondo. Or delve into its history through its Victorian architecture, the colonial Fortress of San Felipe or the Jewish settlement of Sosúa around the year 1940


Maria Trinidad Sachez

This province is a great producer of rice, coconut, cocoa, fishing among other agricultural products. Cattle cattle production. It is of a great tourist vocation due to the large number of beaches it has on its coasts and the beautiful natural landscapes it has. It has of interest such as: Cabo Francés Viejo National Park, La Gran Laguna, Laguna Gri Gri, Via Panoramica de Nagua-Cabrera or Nagua-Sánchez and the beaches Grande, El Caletón, El Bretón, La Preciosa, El Diamante, Arroyo Salado, Matancita and Poza de Bojolo



Samaná is a province on the Dominican Republic’s northeastern Atlantic coast. Primarily encompassing a peninsula, it’s distinguished by its lush, mountainous terrain and white-sand beaches. Playa Rincón, remotely situated on the peninsula's eastern end, is known for its calm turquoise waters and relatively undeveloped shoreline. Isla Cayo Levantado is a small island with a trio of beaches and panoramic sea views

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